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I have O- blood. If I am really feeling the need for approval or the value of my worth, I can go to the blood bank. There they really love O- blood and are always excited to see me. Which was exactly the case this past week, when my husband and I stopped at a bloodmobile.

Only 9% of the population has O- blood, but 100% of the population can use it, especially in emergency situations. Emergency rooms use O- blood so they don’t lose precious time waiting for screenings to come back.

Maybe most people don’t think of blood the way I do. Many years of phone calls reminding me that I was eligible to donate and the knowledge that my blood type can be very important to the survival of many, keeps donating at the top of my priority list, especially since it’s not very hard to do, and my O- blood can help no one, unless I donate it.

This week while I was donating blood, I really got this verse stuck in my head.

Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness. Hebrews 9:22

Even though my blood may be considered universal, and it can save lives temporarily here on earth, it cannot save anyone for eternity. Only Jesus’ blood does that. It is the ultimate O- blood, universal for all healing.

If you are Weary by Wednesday, could it be you need a transfusion? You can ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins, because His blood can do that. It is the best gift this season has to offer.

If you would like to talk to someone about Jesus or would like me to pray with you, I would be honored, please send me a note.