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Any chance you might be weary this week? Planning, shopping, parties, travel, work, wrapping, cleaning, cooking, decorating, guests, and family time are just a few of the things that come to mind. And surely, there is at least one last minute thing that woke you up last night. I can’t be alone here people.

After waking up and not being able to fall back asleep, I thought about making myself so weary over one of the most precious events we get to celebrate.

Mary did too. Maybe not with the same things I do, except possibly the travel thing.

She travelled.

She had labor.

She gave birth.

She didn’t get out of any of it because she was birthing the Savior of the World, as far as I can tell.

So, I kinda think she was probably the first weary person on Christmas Day.

I’ll be the first to admit to any group of moms lamenting labor that mine was pretty easy, and I shouldn’t be in those conversations. But even so, I was weary after the fact. I soaked up nurses attention and hospital food, knowing that I would have to go back to reality soon enough.

I think Mary did too. All the hoopla didn’t start right away. It took a little time for the shepherds and wise men to arrive. I think she settled back, as best as she could in a barn, to rest and start healing on the first Christmas day, and she also began treasuring and pondering, as she held the most precious gift ever.

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. Luke 2:19

If you are Weary by Wednesday this Christmas week, don’t forget to set aside at least a little time to rest and to treasure and to ponder in your heart, the precious reason we celebrate Christmas.

I pray you and your family will be blessed with a Merry Christmas.