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image jennifer baringer

I love being reminded of things I used to do, but have somehow gotten away from. When several things land in my lap at the same time about a subject, my first thought is usually, are you trying to make a point here Lord?

Praying His words is the current message. I have been working on a friend’s Bible study draft and enjoying it so much. The last week I worked through had a focus on praying with scripture. Then I “happened” upon an article about the same topic and on Monday morning, a blog I follow had the same theme for the week! Are you trying to make a point here Lord?

So I took a little time and started making out a few index cards with specific Bible verses for specific people I love, who have specific needs. And each day, as I read or search for something, I find another for someone else I love.

It’s exciting, because I know that if the Bible says it, it is truth and I don’t have to doubt that I’m praying the right things for those I love! And, when I’m excited about my prayer life, I am less likely to find myself Weary by Wednesday.

How about you? Do you know someone who could use some lifting up to the Lord with scripture? I bet you know someone who could do it!