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My eyelid has been twitching for a couple of weeks now. It’s done this intermittently in my life, and it’s usually a good indicator that I’m stressed to the max. I remember times when I thought the twitching would drive me crazy. It’s pretty annoying.

My eyelid twitching was at its worse during my years as a single parent. I probably got so used to it back then I stopped noticing it. Single parenting is stressful. And it can help a lot if you put a few stress busters in your daily routine.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Morning prayer time and devotions. I found if I just had ten minutes before I got the kids up, my day went much better and I had a better focus. If you can’t get the time before the kids are up and going, maybe squeeze in a few minutes before work or on your morning break.
2. Exercise. It’s not always in the financial or time budget to go to a gym, but a DVD work out, bike ride, or a jog around the school track with the kids on their scooters. Find a way to get moving at least a few days a week.
3. Naps. I know you’re laughing right now, but sometimes a 15 minute nap saved the day. Can you find a quiet spot on your lunch break to close your eyes for a few zzz?
4. Stretching/yoga before bed can really relieve the tensions of the day and help you sleep better.
5. Journaling. I did this either in the morning or at night, but journaling helps me get what’s on my mind out and helps me see life more clearly.

How about you? What are your stress busters for single parenting?