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The ocean is alive. At least this is what I think when when I am far off shore and land is a distant sight, or nonexistent.

The depth meter stopped working and is flashing 156 feet. So it’s deep out here.

The swells seem to rise from no where and return to the same place. And for the record, the only reason I’m actually enjoying the view today, is the swells are small and spaced far enough apart, that I’m not sea sick.

The water is a deep blue, and photography doesn’t even touch the expanse and does injustice to the colors.

I’m sitting here, on my watch at the helm, enjoying the sparkle and glimmer of sunshine bouncing off each small peak of dark blue water.

Then my thoughts are interrupted by the radio, and the Coast Guard advisory to all vessels in the vicinity to be on the look out for a capsized vessel, with possible people in the water. Then he gives the coordinates.

I’m miles away.

Not close enough.

But I check to make sure.

So I pray for those involved, and for someone to be closer with a faster boat, than what we have.

Then, I begin to think about how often someone who is living in abuse needs help.

While those around them enjoy the shimmerings of their normal life, missing the distress call.

I don’t want to take any joy away from those who have normal. Joy is good. I just want to call to the attention of those who do, to know, that assuming everyone has what you have, isn’t the case. Take time to learn the signs of abuse.


You may be in the vicinity.

Here is just one of many places to get your Know on:
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence