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IMG_6001 Are We There Yet

If you have ever traveled with kids, you have heard this. Frankly, after I travel more than four or five hour, I say it to myself. I don’t always care for the travel part of travelling. I want to get to my destination and enjoy it.

This is how healing from abuse is.

I spent many years asking, “Am I there yet?”

I was making progress, but sometimes it seems awfully slow.

Now I’m there. Right?

Not always.

Some days, even this many years away from my abusive relationship and life, I find baggage still rearing its ugly head. Little triggers setting off fears or self-talk, rolling around in my head. Waiting to waylay me into inappropriate responses or depression.

I’m not there yet, I’m not sure I will ever be completely.

I don’t share this to promote hopelessness. I share this because the truth is, trauma is trauma, and we can’t completely erase it from our lives. It doesn’t have to own us any longer and as long as we know to expect issues will resurface from time to time, we can be aware. We can be ready to continue healing as we work through the issues to get healthier.

What are some of the issues you still find difficult as you heal from abuse?