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I found Nyah like this on my Bible. I quickly grabbed my camera, because this reminded me of something my high school chemistry teacher said to me.

“Jennifer, maybe if you put the chemistry book under your pillow at night, you’ll get some by osmosis.” He proclaimed this to me, and a few other students standing around.

It made a good laugh. But, but in truth, under my pillow was closer to my head than I was putting the book, maybe it would work.

It didn’t. And I escaped high school with a “D,” which in retrospect, was gracious on his part. I didn’t deserve that.

So, is my pup getting any Biblical knowledge by using my Bible as a headrest? Of course not. And neither will I.

When I’m feeling particularly Weary by Wednesday, it’s one of the first things I tend to look at. How much am I reading and studying my Bible.

Not because reading my Bible is going to save me, but by reading and studying my Bible, the Holy Spirit is training me in the ways of Jesus.

Jesus put it like this:

The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher. Luke ‪6:40‬

I’ve already made the mistake of not opening my chemistry book enough. And, an added chuckle to my life was the periodic table of element hanging on the wall in my classroom. I eventually had to learn the things I missed, it just would have been easier to do it right the first time.

How about you? Have you thought about your study time? Don’t depend on osmosis, it’s not all that effective.

As always, I am praying for you.