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Have you made any plans for this summer? What would you like to remember from the summer of 2016? What would you like your kids to remember from the summer of 2016?

It’s a real. It’s here. And if you don’t make a plan, you may very well find yourself in September, kids back in school and wondering where did the time go.

But… You say:

I have to work, I only get the kids for a little time, I don’t have the money for a memorable vacation.

Phewy, I say. Excuses. Don’t fall into that trap. You can do this. You can do this penniless, with only one hour a week…but you probably have more than a penny and an hour to spend.

Eat dinner at the park, a different park every night you are with your kids.

Go to the beach, lake or pool.

Go for a hike.

Go camping.

Go for bike rides.

Google all the things that can be done in your town for free.

Remember, what makes memories for kids, is time with you, not stuff or places money can buy.

You take it from here. You got this and you can make 2016 the best summer yet, even with the constraints of single or blended family parenting.

Go! I am praying for you!