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Well actually it’s later than July 15th, but I might be calendar-ly challenged.

So what have you been doing with the summer of 2016?

Got great memories yet?

It’s not too late if you haven’t ventured out for that over the top summer memory, the one your kids will surely write about, when their English teacher writes the assignment on the board.

And, It’s not too late to do a some of the little things that add up to big memories of love.

You don’t need airplane tickets.

You don’t need Disney tickets.

But it’s O.K. if you do.

Just remember all they really want is you. TIME WITH YOU. Focused and fun. Let go and make a memory.

Give us your ideas…what has been the best memory for the summer of 2016 at your home? Help each other out and put it in the box below. I can’t wait to hear how the summer of 2016 is turning out! I’m praying for you!