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I have been focused on single parenting issues lately, because I truly want to encourage single parents to hang in there, some days can be tough to say the least. And because sometimes, I just don’t want to write about emotionally harder stuff for me.

I never forget though, how I found myself a single parent…via abuse. Abuse is the hardest blogging I do. Not because words come to me harder, but because every word has a past. And a present. The story of an abusive past is never totally in my past. I am never completely free of the consequences of the abuse, and yet I am compelled to share my story, even when it emotionally shakes my world to do so.

Today, I am compelled to share another’s story. Because it’s my story too. This came across my Face Book feed on Monday morning and has been on my mind all week. She breaks it down to the little steps that lead to abuse, because just like me, “There was no punch on the very first date.”

If you can make a few minutes to read this blog by Jennifer Williams-Fields posted at http://medicalsurity.com  here. It will help you understand, because, “It begins like a little drip you don’t even notice.”

Then share if you can. Rest assured someone is being abused, and they need to know they are not crazy or alone.