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Today may be the best day ever. I busted out the marching band for it. They are leading you on.

It may not have begun that way, but it doesn’t have to end that way. I want to say, even if no one else has noticed today, you are AWESOME!

I mean it.

I know you are stretched, I know how hard it is, but you are pushing through. You are doing a job meant for two, and you do not have to be doing it perfect to be Awesome.

Simply being you, doing what you do, makes you Awesome!


It may not feel like it today, but one day your kids will thank you for being awesome, you will look back on this struggle and realize what an awesome job you did with what you had to work with. So you might just as well pat yourself on the back right now and say it out loud.

“I got this, I am awesome!”

I’m praying for you, Mr. or Ms. Awesome!