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Have you driven on a highway lately that is under construction?

One with uneven lanes?

Usually the first warning are some red signs and flags saying uneven lanes. Followed by reduce speed ahead signs.

There’s a reason for this…moving vehicles…uneven lanes…fast speed…are fodder for trouble. The jump and bump can easily send your car spinning out of control.

Road construction is a lot like single parenting. A road scattered with uneven lanes, and staying exclusively in one lane until you get past the construction, isn’t usually an option.

Single parents are constantly changing the lanes between parenting, disciplinarian, encourager, bread winner, friend, chief cook and bottle washer, and everything in between.

We fool ourselves when we buy the lie that we can do it all, do it well, and do it fast. Until one of our tires hits the uneven surface and we find ourselves spinning out of control.

Slow down and do yourself a favor. Take your time changing lanes. Disregard the pressure lie that you must do it all and you must do it now.

Pace yourself. You’ve got this trip under control, and the destination will be reached much faster, if you’re not sitting on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck to arrive.

If I can pray with you for a specific need, please let me know. If you have a single parenting dilemma I can address, I would love to hear from you. Take care, I’m praying for each of you.