What kind of geyser might describe you? Does pressure build instantatiously, continuously, or sporadically? Do you go off regularly like Old Faithful, or are you a geyser waiting to happen?

You know what I’m talking about?

When the pressure builds, how do you release it?

Do you snap at a co-worker?

Do you loose patience with the kids?

Do you stuff it inside and feel anxiety or depression?

Pressure is inevitable, especially for single parents. If you expect it, you will be better prepared to deal with it appropriately.

So how are some appropriate ways to deal with pressure?

Exercising regularly will help you proactively, and also when unexpected pressure strikes. Going to the gym, bike riding, running, walking or even sit ups by the side of your bed, will help your body release tension and stress.

Do things that you love, regularly. Read a book, go to a museum, have coffee with a friend. It’s hard sometimes to justify “me” time as a single parent, but you have to take care of yourself too.

Talk to a friend or a counselor about issues, as they arise. Single parenting can be a tough job, and having someone to work through issues can help relieve pressure.

Actions determine your feelings. My counselor told me this many times before I grasped the concept. You’re actions, positive or negative, will send your feelings in that direction. Choose well, and you should keep pressure from building and becoming a geyser.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m praying for you.