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The other morning, I watched my cousins’ kittens tussle around on the floor.

They raced from room to room, attacking, pouncing and tackling each other, over and over again.

Sometimes it looked pretty serious, but every few minutes, they would take a break and just lie and watch each other.


They managed to keep it civil for the most part, but it got a bit rough some times.

Tussles can be all fun and games, until they’re not.

Which makes me think about how I tussle with those around me. My hubby, my children, even friends.

People get hurt feelings, friendships and trust can be broken. It’s enough to make me Weary by Wednesday.

When we grow up, we don’t usually wrestle on the floor like kittens, but we say and do things we don’t think through. Our words may not feel the same way to those who hear them.

After watching the kittens get a little rough and serious, it made me think about being careful with my words and actions. About being thoughtful with my words.

The best way I know how to have a good word, is to be filled with good words. I think David had the right idea.


I  have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. Psalms 119:11

Are you hiding Gods word in your heart? I’m reading through the Bible in 2017, I hope you will join me. Thanks for sharing your Wednesday with me.