I’ve been reading through the Bible this year. I am a few days behind, a day here, a day there, adds up quickly. I’m doubling up my efforts and should be caught up in a few days.As I catch up, I just had to pause at Deuteronomy 1:2, and shake my head.

It takes eleven days to go from Horeb to Kadesh Barnea by the Mount Seir road. Deuteronomy 1:2

Even though I’m behind a bit, I’ll be caught up in less time than it could have taken the Israelites to get to the Promise Land.

Yet, it took the them forty years.


They could have been there in eleven days?

Now, I’m not opposed to taking the long way. Getting off the interstate and taking some back roads is where the fun is. Little antique and junk shops, old barns, cracker houses, flower beds and blooming trees. It takes time to see the good stuff.

But, these people are not enjoying the trip. In fact they are down right miserable.

They complain. A lot!

They argue about the plan

They second guess the Leader.

They ask more than once to go back to slavery in Egypt.

These are not happy to get home people, and they certainly don’t seem to enjoy the adventure.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary says: “Moses spake to the people all the Lord had given him in commandment. Horeb was but eleven days distant from Kadesh-barnea. This was to remind them that their own bad conduct had occasioned their tedious wanderings; that they might the more readily understand the advantages of obedience. They must now go forward. Though God brings his people into trouble and affliction, he knows when they have been tried long enough. When God commands us to go forward in our Christian course, he sets the heavenly Canaan before us for our encouragement.”

Unfortunately, they weren’t looking forward. I’m sure the desert wasn’t all that, yet, given the chance to fulfill Gods planned promise, they stayed Weary by Wednesday, by looking back.

I wish I could say I were different. I’m not. I perseverate on the problems around me, long for what used to be, and miss out on the joy of getting where I need to be.

All of which causes the trip to take much longer than necessary.

How about you? How’s your trip going? I’m praying for you, too.

Thanks for sharing your Wednesday with me.