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I drive in silence, except when I grind the gears, ever since my car radio has been on the fritz.

It’s been months, if you don’t count the time I spent banging on the dash-board, since I finally gave in and accepted the silence.

I like quiet, but when I’m in the car, my ADD kicks in, and I want the entertainment and information I get from my radio.

Forced silence is not something I’m used too. So what’s a girl to do, while quietly driving down the road?

I could make joyful noise (which perfectly describes my A cappella singing.)

The longer I drove in silence, however, I noticed how I begin to think about those I said I would pray for. A friend in the hospital, my parents, children, and grandchildren. 

This girl is starting to look forward to silent car time, no speakers directing my thoughts and attention. A definite relief for Weary by Wednesday.

The thing I generally forget when it comes to my prayer time, is silence. Less distractions. I’m sure God hears my ginger prayers, in frantic moments of chaos, but when I set aside quiet time for praying, there is consistency and deliberateness, that can’t be found any where else.

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. Luke 5:16

Hey, I might even pray for that guy who pulled out in front of me, he might just need it today, instead of my usual reaction!

Thanks for sharing your Wednesday with me. I am praying for you.