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I was compelled to stop and touch these little squares of carpet the other day, in a big box store. 

Hard floorings; tile and wood, seem to be the predominant flooring preference these days. But, when I was a kid, carpet was the thing.

Shag carpet to be exact! I’m sure that dates me, but oh well.

I have fond memories of laying on the shag carpeted floor, watching T.V., playing games, and wrestling, with my sister and brother. 

I also have warm memories of stacks of carpet samples and rolls of carpet, because my parents owned a carpeting and rug store for many years.

Tile is nice, especially if you are training a pup, but carpet is security to me. I find it warm, filled with memories of days off from school going to work with my parents, and family time in the living room. 

It was a nice flashback, stopping to touch those carpet samples, and it’s even better that I know security everyday, as I walk with Jesus. 

I don’t have to be shaken.

When I felt secure, I said, “I will never be shaken.” Psalms 30:6

Hoping you are feeling blessed and secure in His arms today!

Thanks for sharing your Wednesday with me.