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I don’t know for sure, but I may be too extroverted for the world I live in. 

I’m like the guy who wrote down Paul’s letter to the Romans. I’ve got to say hello too!

I, Tertius, who wrote down this letter, greet you in the Lord. Romans 16:22

I think to myself “What’s wrong with people who don’t smile or say hello?” 

Especially, if it’s just a return gesture…someone smiled at them first.

I know people are busy.

I know people have problems.

I know.

That’s why I make it my goal, to make people smile.

Yes, I’m that crazy lady out and about waving, saying good morning, or afternoon. Or just smiling and nodding my head.

And it works!

People will smile back, even if they speak a different language.

Smiles are universal!

Someone’s just got to start it.

It’s one of the best way to avoid being Weary by Wednesday! It’s one of the best ways to make someone else feel better.

Notice them. Smile. Tell someone, “You matter!” 

Who knows, you might be the only smile they get all day. Make someone smile today!

Thanks for sharing your Wednesday with me.