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Recently someone sent me an article with a headline about a Christian leader, who lost his home to flooding in Hurricane Harvey.

The headline also pointed out times where he claimed natural disasters to be wrought on people as punishment for their sin.

I wonder if he confessed his sin, or changed his perspective?

We never know.

Not only do I think he should not have preached such things, but we shouldn’t assume his predicament was his punishment for doing so.

We never know for sure.

Job’s friend Bildad said to Job (about all of Job’s children dying.)

“How long will you say such things?

Your words are a blustering wind. 

Does God pervert justice?

Does the Almighty pervert what is right?

When your children sinned against him, he gave them over to the penalty of their sin. Job 8:1-4

But, we know this is not so…Job’s children were not taken because of their or Job’s sin…his friend’s judgement was wrong.

I’m not saying God doesn’t bless people, or give them consequences for sin. I’m saying we don’t know for sure the workings.

You can spend your time deciding whether Harvey or Irma or Maria’s random damage was punishment for sin, or wether those who came out unscathed were blessed for something they did well.

I’m not playing that game, it only makes everyone Weary by Wednesday.

It’s not our job to judge and convict, it’s our job to love and help.

Because we never know how God is working in someone’s life, and how our love will be used to deliver His love.

Choose to love and help.

I continue to pray for those of you who have been effected by Harvey or Irma, and now Maria, and for the rest of us who may need to be challenged to love and help.

Thanks for sharing your Wednesday with me. How can I pray specifically for your need?