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I love the book of Psalms. It’s my go to place for calm, whatever life is throwing at me.

Unlike most other books in the Bible, the Psalms give me words to “sing” back to God. Praise, joy, anger, fear, gladness, loneliness, frustration, are just some of the topics covered in the book of Psalms.

It’s the stuff of life.

But, why are the Psalms, such a go to place for keeping me from being Weary by Wednesday?

I think it’s because many people wrote the Psalms, Moses wrote Psalm 90, David is credited for writing 75 of them including Psalm 23, and Solomon wrote Psalm 127, they reach deep into my emotional and spiritual needs.

Each writer and each reader is different, and has different needs, so the compilation touches so many.

A Psalm is a poem, usually set to music, we call that a song!

Unfortunately…or maybe not…we don’t have the music which was originally used. I find this very interesting, because music changes. What was popular fifty years ago, is quite different from what is popular today…O.K., let’s be real, what was popular last week, may have already slipped down the charts! Having the words, allows us to add the music we love.

Today, I’m picking a Psalm and singing it to the tune that’s currently caught in my head…no, I’m not telling you what song that is! (hahaha)

How about you? Will you consider picking a Psalm today and put it to the tune floating around your brain, I know you have one in there…we all have them. If not, then pick a tune you really love.

Pick a Psalm that expresses your current state of emotions. Fearful? Try Psalm 125. Joyful? Try Psalm 21.

This is one of the most personal ways we can worship the Lord, by singing back scripture to Him. And, you don’t have to sound like you belong on iHeartRadio, this is just between you and God.

Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs. Psalm 100:1-2

Thanks for sharing your Wednesday with me, I’m praying for you.