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It has been a long week around these parts.

Hurricane Dorian to be exact.

Unbelievable, unlike anything I’ve seen in a life-time of Florida living.

We had no idea what her path would be, so we started our preparations last Thursday. Shutters that haven’t been out in many years were cleaned and hung in their places. All the outside stuff was put away, water jugs filled and batteries were charged.

We had extra days of waiting, so we checked and double checked everything.

Then we had more days of waiting, days filled watching a hurricane come to a complete stop and pummel one of the places we love best in the whole world. A place filled with the most awesome people in the whole world. The Abacos in the Bahamas is not only a beautiful place to visit because of the scenery, it is the best place to us because of the people.

I’d love to fill this blog with all the memories we have made with Bahamian people, from teaching me how to make conch salad. Fishing and diving trips and tips. Little boys (all grown up by now) eating lunch with us while telling us fun stories and then taking us in person to the shop that sells the perfect coconut shell earrings. Giving us the parts for our boat before we go into town to pay for them. Filling our tummies with the best homemade bread we pick up at backdoor kitchens, freshly baked with love every day.

We have walked around so many of their towns again and again, trying to see if anything changed from the last time we visited. We have enjoyed so many mom and pop restaurants and water-side bars, each and every one with their own flavor and style. Many with local musicians that we tapped our feet and danced to their beautiful music. Sunday mornings worship services were different from island to island, but always filled with loving and kind hearted people whose love for God, each other, and strangers shone through and through.

Today, I am more than Weary by Wednesday. I hurt for the people I love. I’m devastated because I can’t imagine what they have been through the last few days. I know the size of the towns, how close they are to the water and how destructive even a small hurricane can be to this place. I’m not sure I can fathom what life will be like going forward, and the needs they will have.

I’m asking you to join me in praying for the people I love in the Bahamas. I know many of you are already doing just that. I know that they will need everything, but today, while the immediate rescue efforts bring medical attention and safety in this devastating circumstance…let’s pray together so they are not forgotten.

There will be other ways we can help going forward, but for now we need to pray.

Thanks for sharing your Wednesday with me.