About Called By Name


Welcome! I am so glad you stopped by to visit with me. I wish it could be in person, because of all the things social media is, it isn’t quite as personal as sitting across from a friend and sharing time with each other over a cup of tea or coffee.

I write about domestic violence. It’s heavy stuff. I write because I am called. Even compelled.

This is the road I have walked. Jesus has successfully walked me away from the time in my life where I lived in domestic violence to safety. He has walked with me through the healing process, through raising children, whose statistical outcome should have been much different than it is. I believe in God’s ability to redeem even the most horrid of circumstances in our lives, and then use us to hold the light to show others the path to freedom.

I hold that light with fear and trembling, because it is a huge responsibility.

I am not bitter, I am not angry. Oh a fairy-tale life might have been fun, but that wasn’t my life, and I wouldn’t be me with any other life. This is not a blog about revenge, anger or animosity. This is a call for those caught up in abuse to find the power to get out. This is a call for others to open their eyes and see what is around them. A call to be your sisters keeper and become aware of the signs of abuse and to be the love and inspiration a victim of abuse needs to move forward and become a survivor.

All my posts end up on one page, but my blog is really made up of four parts:

-Weary by Wednesday is my weekly devotional. I find myself in a spiritual slump by the middle of the week, I need a reboot.

-Memory Monday is a verse each week to memorize in 2018. I would love to say that I have memorized all of them, but I have not, however, the encouragement I receive by making each verse the screen saver on my phone is immeasurable.

-Single Parenting is the aftermath of getting free from domestic violence. Tips and encouragement for those struggling with the realities of co-parenting with your former abuser. This is a tough time because even though we have gotten away from our abuser, they often have no qualms about using their own children as pawns to continue abusing as much as they can.

-Called by Name is my story. This is the reality of a life tainted by domestic violence. The raw reality of what happened and how someone lives in the aftermath. I’m tough, I don’t apologize for that. I was blessed with a tough army of people that held me accountable to be where God wanted me to be. They did it with love, which I also hope I convey, because tough love has brought me freedom and gave me hope to become a survivor. And because I have been forgiven much, and loved much, I love others even more.

Find anyone of these categories in the “Search this blog by Category,” or in the search bar, they will be grouped so you can find the subject that most meets your needs.

Please contact me if I can pray or help you in anyway. The tea and coffee are always warm and ready to share around here.

“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine!” (Isaiah 43:1 NASB)

Thanks for stopping by, Jesus Loves You,