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Apparently I have a double chin. I must have the wrong mirrors in my house, because I’ve never noticed.

But my granddaughter did. The other night, she was leaning over backwards and upside down in the folding chair next to me, as we waited for the Christmas Parade to begin. She matter-of-factly announced the presence of them. (Don’t worry Mom, she wasn’t being rude, just observant!)

I joked back that she should hurry and grow-up, so she could get a good job and buy me a face-lift. After explaining to her naïve, nine year old self all about face-lifts, she exclaimed, “No Nanny! You shouldn’t get a face-lift because that would look bad.” As she expounded further, I came to understand that old people are supposed to have wrinkles and, “wouldn’t it look silly to be an old lady with no wrinkles!”

Out of the mouth of babes!

But, isn’t this exactly what we do, not just with the wrinkles on our faces, but with the wrinkles in our life and heart. We want to renovate our appearance, and hide our imperfections. We want to cover up the scars life has left on us.

I’m not trying to put the local plastic surgeon out of business, or my Mary Kay representative, but how much energy am I wasting, trying to hide stuff, instead of just being real and working on things that really matter?

Things with lasting and eternal results.

The stuff that comes from transforming my heart and mind when I study my Bible. The hard stuff of loving and forgiving, of confessing and repenting. The stuff from my imperfectly lived life.

And, I am often reminded that I can’t do any of this on my own, I must rely on the Holy Spirit who is alive and well in me.

After beginning with the Spirit, are you now trying to attain your goal by human effort? Galatians 3:3

For the record, I’m so not there yet…which I’m sure is a contributing factor in being Weary by Wednesday. My wrinkles and scars are here for a reason, and He is working them into the plan that is called my life.

How is He working your wrinkles and scars into your life?

Thanks for sharing your Wednesday with me. Pace yourself this Christmas Season, and have a Merry Christmas!