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This helicopter is a trauma ambulance and it lands at Fishermans Hospital, way more than I like to hear it.

No, I have not become a grumpy old woman. It’s not about the noise. I do not like to hear it because I know someone has a serious medical issue, if Trauma Star is landing at the hospital heli-pad.

So when I hear it, I pray. I stop what I am doing and I pray for the patient. I pray for the EMTs. I pray for the doctors, nurses and hospital staff. I pray for the patient’s family.

I pray because there may be no one else praying, even though I hope there are others.

I pray because I know that my prayers are heard and answered, but I really pray because, that is all I can do.

So many times I find myself Weary by Wednesday because when it comes to the needs of others or myself, I think I can do something important.

More than I’d like to admit, all I really need to do is pray, step back, and allow God to handle impossible situations around me.

How about you? Like Hannah, have you gotten desperate to pray?

I have been praying here out of my great anguish and grief.” 1 Samuel 1:16b

I would stop my day to pray for you too, please let me know! Thank you for taking the time to stop by.