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You’re divorced. You have children. Unless the other parent of your children ran away, you have some type of custody arrangement.

You may not like it, but this is your world now.

You have to work with it.

You may even try to change it, but until or while that is happening, remember the most important thing isn’t you, it’s your children.

Also, remember where you would like this to end. Do you want a relationship with your children? Now? Ten years from now? For life?

You make that happen by what you do and don’t do now, regardless of the other parent, regardless of the custody arrangement.

This Face Book post came across my feed recently.It brought up very real images of our single parent years, and what you might want to consider not doing if this is you.

I always want to give credit, but I searched this link and these pics don’t appear there, so apologies and let me know and I’ll give proper credit. But this is too real in some families not to share. Solutions Councelling was the FB tag. imageimageimageimageimage


Either of my children could have written this, they didn’t, but I can assure you this is not a stretch. You may not want to be single, you may truly hate your ex. Irregardless, they are still the other parent of your child and children are smart. Let them love both of you, don’t try to sway the balance. Even if you have an ex from hell, you won’t gain anything by bad mouthing them to your children.

Please don’t misread this as directed at Dads, I have seen this go both ways, neither parent is exempt from this, it just doesn’t work in the long run.

This grown child’s words speak for themselves.

I am always praying for you.