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I came home after dark and turned on the porch light, but the light was unusually dim. I was taking a closer look, when a little bird swooped me, and gave me the what-for. 

The little momma was protecting her eggs and letting me know she wasn’t going anywhere.

I turned out the light, and told her she was O.K.

I know it won’t be too many days until her eggs hatch and the little one flee the nest…I’ll clean up the mess then.

But, it’s not O.K. for them to stay too long. Sometimes, you have to move along. Sometimes, it’s not your choice.

The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you. Genesis 12:1

Go. Move. Uproot. It’s hard stuff sometimes.

Possibly, there are people who adapt more easily than others to leaving their nest. It’s definitely hard for some.

My friend, Nancy, recently left her home of forty plus years, for an independent living place. It’s been tough for her.

I came home for a few days to visit and take care of stuff, and found myself feeling down. Being home reminds me how much I miss my family and friends, as well as my former routines.

I think the problem isn’t necessarily the new, it’s how we hold on or perceive our past. And which direction we choose to focus.

Forward or backwards.

Nancy is beginning to settle in, and I know once I get back to the boat, I will mellow out again, but spiritually, there is a lesson for me here.

I can’t hold onto my spiritual past so tightly, that I cannot move to the next place God has for me.

If I am so comfy in my current place, I will be Weary by Wednesday, when God pushes me along to the next spot.

Abram had to start walking before he knew where he would end up!

I need to be flexible, forward looking, and ready, for where God leads me next. 

Holding too tightly and nesting myself in my comfy place, make moving forward uncomfortable.

How about you? Are you being nudged or pushed from your comfy place?

Thanks for sharing your Wednesday with me.