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Weary by Wednesday: Why I Love Jigsaw Puzzles

I down-loaded a game the other week. The reviews weren’t so great, but it was free, and I wanted a break from my backgammon habit!

It’s an easy jigsaw puzzle game. I can play for a couple of minutes or as long as I have time. I can pick up right where I left off if I have something to do…and since it lives in my phone, the cat can’t knock the pieces onto the floor and eat them like a mouse.

I have alway had an affinity for puzzles, especially jigsaw puzzles.

I find my mind can ponder and relax, as I match colors and shapes, gradually forming the pieces into a comple picture.

But my biggest reason for loving a good jigsaw puzzle is, I only have to work one piece at a time.

One piece

Sure, I can gather all the straight edges and corners together. I can group the like colors together, and work on a particular part of interest.

But jigsaw puzzles go together one piece at a time.

Therein I find satisfaction by following through, one piece at a time, to completion.

Too many times, I don’t do life one piece at a time.  I try to cram pieces together that don’t fit, and try to force or hurry along, just wanting to get it done.

There is neither peace or satisfaction when I do this…there is only a Weary by Wednesday…heart to contend with.

The hard part is, some puzzles have oddly shaped borders and pieces. A damaged box, where I can’t see the whole picture clearly. or vague color changes and repeating patterns.

When challenged by these puzzles, sometimes I just want to give up, scrape the pieces back into the box and cram it into a drawer.

In life, though, this isn’t a good option.

When life gives me an odd piece, misshapened and miscolored, I need to be patient to see where it fits into the big picture God is working, called my life. He already knows. He sees the puzzle, completed. He knows how long it will take.

Lord, help me to realize how brief my time on earth will be. Help me to know that I am here for but a moment more. Psalm 39:4 Living Bible (TLB)

How are you doing with the pieces of your life puzzle? 
Thanks for sharing your Wednesday with me.